Bad Ass Mage


The tale of Loklin

The Loklin of today is a half-crazed man who claims an imaginary friend he calls “Steve”. However, this was not always the case…

Before the accident, Loklin was a studying mage at College of Navigation and Weather Magic in Leuven. He was known for becoming totally engrossed in his work and built a reputation of being able to cast spells that should have been far above his ability. This earned him the attention of many at the college, including the high magi. They all wondered what sort of raw talent he possessed that allowed such feats.

In reality, the spells he impressed with were far above his ability. His success in casting them was entirely dependent on two factors: he was very arrogant, and (most importantly) very lucky. His continued success fueled his arrogance, and he dared spells that were more and more complex. Many spells later with his luck holding out and after gathering a bit of a following, he began searching for something he could call his masterpiece.

After weeks of solitude and research, Loklin found what he was after. While in the annals of the library, he stumbled upon a forgotten text containing the ramblings of a former arch mage. It discussed a ritual that if preformed correctly could allow one to part the barrier between planes and summon them-self from a parallel dimension. This had never before been attempted in any of the histories Loklin had studied. Thinking this was just what he needed to leave his mark on history, he set out to attempt what had never been done before.

After gathering what was needed and learning the necessary conjurations, Loklin stole away to a nearby wood. He began to cast the ritual, pouring every ounce of his concentration and will into it. A vortex began to form before him, swirling with raw arcane power. It seemed to get fiercer and harder to stabilize as the ritual progressed. Loklin strained to maintain control of it, and for a moment it seemed like he was going to succeed.

But then, disaster…

At the peak of the ritual the strain became too much. The vortex exploded in a violent blast that splintered trees and scorched earth…but left Loklin standing. The arcane burst had shattered his consciousness, tearing him in half. The part of Loklin that stood after the dust settled retained his intellect and skill, but his memory and rationality were torn from him. That part still existed as a shadow – a half of Loklin trapped between planes on the fringes of physicality.

Loklin stood alone in the forest, unsure of anything but his name. He couldn’t remember a thing and had no idea what to do. All of a sudden he heard a voice in his head, a voice demanding answers. Answers to what he did not know. He could even see a faint outline of a man next to him who he assumed was the source of this voice.

Loklin sat in the forest and chatted with his new friend. It was hard to make him out, but he could get the gist of what he was saying. After a long while they came to an agreement to go for a walk and maybe find some of these answers his new friend sought. It was around this time Loklin realized his friend needed a name, and what better name than Steve.

Off on their walk they went…

Prophecy-The shard of your soul is surrounded by others. Adorning a crown, worn by one who resides deep below and has marked this region well. Competition will be your guide to reclaiming yourself. To try to travel there before will only increase the peril. And remember, take only that which belongs to you, repeat your past mistakes and you may doom more than yourself.


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