Tom Tattercloak

Human Bard


The baseborn son of a nobleman. A seeker of adventure. A student of history and music.
His mother taught him how to play the lute (among other instruments, but the lute is
his favorite), as she was (and still is) a talented music instructor.
Tom grew up in a house full of music and life, but he longed to live the life he saw
portrayed in the tales of old, to live (and play) his own adventure. He took it upon
himself to begin adventuring, and to make his mark upon the world.

Of Tom’s birth: The nobleman had hired Tom’s mother to teach his daughter to play music.
The nobleman was “bewitched” by Tom’s mother, and they had an affair. Once it was
certain that a child came of this affair, and with the nobleman expecting a trueborn
son of his own, he arranged to have the young Tom and his mother sent to a faraway town.

There, in the new town, his mother began her career anew, and to some success! They were
never hungry, and the seed of music was born inside of Tom’s head.

Tom has lead a fairly cushioned life, with no real enemies. All of the knowledge he has
of the world is from reading and stories. As a result of this, his early travels into
the outside world were fraught with many hardships (and lots of people taking advantage
of him). But he has always kept a positive outlook on his adventures, as most heroes
have to start small.


Tom Tattercloak

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