Hello, My name is Fareth Dwrindwell, And I’m running for mayor. As I’m sure you’re all aware our fine city has seen harsh times of late, the death of Felix Ralliey, the violence that has spilled over onto the street, corrupt politicians selling your future to the highest bidder. the drought in Riscellia and the resulting food shortage. I’m here to tell you that I understand, and it’s going to be alright. When I am mayor I’ll double the guard on the street, stamp out corruption and Expand our trade system and infrastructure. we’ll trade more with countries farther from home. I know these are big promises, but as chairmen of Dwrindwell Industries I made a name for myself by tackling seemingly impossible objectives, and forged a reputation for always keeping my word. My name is Fareth Dwrindwell and I will be your next mayor!

This magic hologram was paid for by Dwrindwell Industries fine purveyor of building materials, agricultural implements, and medicines. And by the Philanthropists for a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow.

Prophecy-The company to which you currently belong is your best chance to avoid a hostile take over from the company you have fled. The eye of Dwrindwell is only partially on these shores. Put it out and disaster may be avoided yet. You and your companions have twice already delayed their plans although niether of you may know it.



For 5 years I was an “employee” of Dwrindwell Industries. The kind you keep off the books……. When Fareth needed something done discretely I was his go to guy. One month after the farmers in Riscellia decided it was cheaper to buy their equipment from Verimoth Farm Supplies, their wells went dry. When City Councilman Ralliey started poking his nose into Dwrindwells connection to Riots in Thindereth, he was robbed and killed on his way home from work (Thindereth is such a dangerous city after dark). And the riots? It’s easy to level a city block when the buildings we made with of inferior mortar. The list goes on and on, shady deals, kickbacks, espionage, murder; whatever was needed I did it.

Unfortunatly Drwindwell Industries doesn’t have a lot of room for advancement, in fact employee retention isn’t one of their strengths. Apparently old man Dwrindwell decided I was a liability, as he was preparing to make the jump from “legitimate” business man to political “savior” there were too many concerns with interest counter to his success. Too many people poking around his business. Too many enemies who had a lot to lose if his power in the private sector expanded to government power. I was approached by a gentlemen who told me knew who I was, and had a decent idea what I’d done. In my line of work notoriety is a death sentence, so I had to deal with him. The bastard wouldn’t give up any information about who he worked for, who else knew about me. I went to Fareth told him I might have been made. I needed to hide. I needed his help. Fareth shook my hand and told me he “understood” and that “everything would be alright”. He gave me some money, arranged for a coach to take me to West Graven. It was the boonies, farthest you could get from Thindereth. Small town like that is no place for a guy like me, but at least I’d be breathing……

The coach came exactly as promised. It was a two week trip to West Graven. On the 9th day of the trip I woke from a nap as the wagon bounced violently. I looked out and saw we’d lost the road and were moving at wild pace, either something spooked the horses or they’d been whiped into a frenzy. It was at that moment I realized the driver was missing. I went to open the door, grab the reigns myself only to find the doors were locked from the outside. I scoured the interior searching desperatly for a way out. In my search discovered the seat was hollow, with the promise of escape renewed I tore the cover off the seat and my heart stopped. The seat was a chest filled with Five Finger Hay-makers (impact explosives). It didn’t add up, why were there explosives in here( time bomb maybe, but impact)? Why did the driver bail? Where were the horses taking me? I looked ahead and saw it……… Helvera Canyon. After years of loyal service this is how I die? Falling into a canyon with my weight in explosives.


I spent that first night at the ledge of the canyon, I knew I needed to get as far away from Helvera as possible, but I couldn’t continue on to West Graven. Whoever had tried to blow me up (how naive I was to still think it couldn’t have been Fareth) knew about the coach, they had to know where I was going, and I definitely couldn’t go back to Thrindereth. So there I was, at the scene of my supposed death, I needed to get away, but I had nowhere to go, I was in no shape to make any kind of distance anyway. That night was the longest in my life. A lot to think about, but I had to focus on the necessities. Food, water, cleaning and wrapping my wounds. But most importantly what to do next? I couldn’t go back to Thindereth, I didn’t dare send a message, too easy to intercept, but I was gonna need help. I was gonna need a friend. I needed to go see Loushis.

Back before I went pro, I dabbled in freelance work, and Loushis was always looking for upcoming talent. It was a great gig. Lou was strictly small time, mostly gambling and protection. More often than not he only need a bit of muscle. It was a 2 week trip to Drellen and I was damn near dead by the time I got there. The place hadn’t changed a bit, Lou was still hold up on the east side of town, the years hadn’t been kind to him, but still, it was good to see him. He was nice enough to put me up while I recovered my strength and even offered to put his ear to the ground and see what he could find out about my predicament. I laid low at Lous’ for a month, I didn’t dare go outside, the last thing I wanted to do was bring whoever was after me down on Lou. As my strength returned I began to feel restless, I pulled together a disguise, and just like that Lieandros (the 1st of many names I’d wear during my escape from Rinnsshei) was born. As I finished dawning the makeup Lou came in, the color had gone out of his face. I could tell he had bad news. “ REDACTED, I’m sorry. I couldn’t find out who set you up, but I can tell you that since your ‘accident’ Dwrindwell has taken an interest in finding your body. In fact They’ve taken such an interest that there’s a reward from supplying your body to the old man.” Those words stung. That was the worst possible news. If Dwrindwell was out for my blood then nowhere in Rinnsshei was safe for me. It felt like a few seconds, but I must have been lost in thought when Lou brought me back “I’m sorry, but you can’t stay here. I can’t risk the heat, Dwrindwell has resources I can’t match, and everybody and there sister is gonna be out lookin for with price Dwrindwell put on your head. I can give you some supplies and money, but you need to leave tonight. I’m sorry REDACTED.” I knew he was right, I couldn’t ask him to take that risk for me, I thanked him and left that night. While I packed the few things I had, I decided I needed to get out of Rinnsshei, there was simply too much heat right now….

I’ve moved on since then. A new country on a new continent and a new identity. A man in my line of work knows anonymity is his greatest defense. And revenge…….revenge is the fire that keeps you warm, gives you hope.

Prophecy-The company to which you currently belong is your best chance to avoid a hostile take over from the company you have fled. The eye of Dwrindwell is only partially on these shores. Put it out and disaster may be avoided yet. You and your companions have twice already delayed their plans although niether of you may know it.


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