Draconic Shard Gauntlet

Gauntlet forged from a Shard's severed arm


Counts as + 1 hand crossbow or a + 1 claw (1d4). + 2 to climb checks.
At will minor action: Spend a healing surge, create and store 10 flechetes inside the glove to a maximum of 10.
At will minor action: Spend 1 healing surge, cover 5 flechetes in acid that do an additional 5 acid damage on hit. This will destroy 1 flechete a round (unless one has been fired that round)
Daily power: range 5, 3×3 burst, must have 9 flechetes loaded, does (3W/2) + any acid damage to enemies in the area. Half damage on miss.


Draconic Shard Gauntlet

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